Privacy & Cookie Policy for
studio quinto

Information I collect

Very little.

Personal information

None. Unless you give it to me by getting in touch with me.

Non-personal information

I use Plausible Analytics to collect anonymised data about your visit to my website. This includes:

  1. what pages you visit;
  2. the time you waste spend on each page;
  3. which website sent you on my site;
  4. which device and browser you are using to visit the website.

How I use your information

I use the non-personal information to write more engaging copy and improve my website experience to increase the chances that you end up hiring me.

I use your personal information to reply to your emails.

Do I share your information with others?

No. Unless...

  1. The police knocks on my door and point a gun at me I'm required by law
  2. I need to protect my rights or property, whatever that means.


Sweet biscuits having a fairly soft, chewy texture and typically containing pieces of chocolate or fruit.

Essential cookies

Can't do much about it. These are needed to keep my website online. I use Webflow host your website and I don't have any idea on how they handle their cookies. You can check it out here for yourself.

Analytics cookies

Again, I use Plausible Analytics, which does not use cookies to track your activity. It gathers anonymised data without storing any personal information.

What else?


Data security

I do my best to try not to get your data stolen, but I'm not perfect and you know how the internet works, or not, anyway, you get my point. Also, who knows, one day I might try to help that Nigerian prince after all...

Your rights

You can ask me to access the information I have about you, change it, or delete it.

Changes to this policy

I might change this policy from time to time, you are supposed to come back here and look at those changes... 😏

Any questions?

Write me at

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