I design and develop bespoke
websites that don’t suck.

let's get cheeky
I could have shown my beautiful work here, and yet… Here’s a bunch of photos I took during my travels. Do you like them? Hire me so I can afford to take more of them. Would prefer to see my portfolio instead? Don’t be shy, ask me politely.

My mum says my  websites are beautiful.

And my mum is always right. What, you don't trust me?
A very young Web Designer and Webflow developer wearing a dripping outfit.
This is how she used to dress me up. I rest my case.

Your work is beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and yet… your website isn’t. You speak about care, perfection, attention to detail, but your point of contact with your next customer is mostly broken and feels off-brand.

Why would people believe you’re legit, if your website looks like 💩?

More than 84% of marketing websites look the same*. You could swap their brand logos and nobody would notice. Why? Because unwise people hire cheap freelancers from UpWork or Fiverr that snatch a template that's been used 59,386 times and butcher customise it for them.

Why would you spend all that time, energy, and money on your work, your brand, and your marketing, only to ruin everything when people first meet you online?

I don’t do that.

I design bespoke websites tailored to you and your brand, and your marketing strategy.

How do I do it?

I get you involved in the design process. Yes, you’ll have to work with me. Don't be afraid, you’ll be glad you did when you’ll see the results and, most importantly, if you have contributed to the design I can blame you if  sucks you’ll love it even more, and you’ll never get unpleasant surprises.


Fun fact: 91% of people believe something is true if the claim is backed by a percentage.

Here's a cow

can we make it purple?

Cow 3D model by Infalivia

Is what you are doing worth talking about?

We’re all special, we’re all unique, nobody does what we do the way we do it. Except, we’re all normal, we’re all the same, loads of people do what we do. A bit of an existential drama, I know. I can’t do anything about that.
Tonzo, the late beloved cat of a Web designer and Webflow developer.
Here’s a picture of my beloved fat cat to cheer you up. He’s dead now.

What do you really do? Who are you doing it for? Why are you not like the others? Who are the others? Are we in danger of being invaded by aliens? Should we stock up on food and build bunkers? Sorry, got side-tracked. But again, why would people care about what you do? Why would they tell other people about it?

If we want our design to be effective and not just pleasant to look at, we’ll have to figure out how to give meaningful answers to this questions.

Why? Because I’ll ask them to you, and I’m not the only one: your future customers are asking themselves these questions right now.

Maybe you already have all the answers, maybe not. In any case, I’ll help you identify what is unique about you, at least in the eyes of your loved ones, your target audience, and find the clearest possible way to communicate it.

We need to drive people away from your website.

No, I’m not having a laugh at you.

Confusion is your business’ worst enemy. If we don’t get your marketing story straight and your website readers don't understand quickly what you do and why it matters to them, the money you spent on promoting what you do goes down in the bin, and I don’t like that. Especially if the bin is not mine.

We’ll make people understand immediately if what we’re talking about matters to them. If not, they should bounce. 🏀

I know sending people away from you sounds scary, but trust me: what’s more comforting than the sound of a notification from your bank’s app for a juicy incoming transfer from your new customer?

My brother, a professional producer, made a song about it to soothe you to sleep.

Abstract cover for the lo-fi song
Lo-fi bank app notification song
PausePlay icon

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I've been explaining things to people for more than 30 years. I started when I was 2. I couldn't speak back then, but I've always managed to make myself clear. Since then I've learned how to pay attention and listen closely to what people say and help them organise their thoughts.

Like a 2-year-old, I might get a bit annoying while getting your story straight, but I promise it’ll be worth it.

We'll get to the core of what you do, who do you do it for, and why would it matter to them. We’ll make your value proposition as clear as the Dublin skies on those beautiful 15 minutes back in the summer of 1965, and we’ll make sure that everything we do is aligned with your purpose and marketing goals*.

Once we get there, we’ll also get to the thing we all secretly crave for: a Big Mac with fries and a large Coke 🍔🍟🥤 happy paying customers.


If you’re into technicalities: we’ll get clear copywriting, an effective information architecture, and a more coherent visual identity.

An ai-generated image of a burger, fries and a coke. Representing happy clients.
Dall-e’s representation of happy, paying customers.

Enough about you.

let’s put the spotlight on me for a second

Who am I?

My name is Luca and no, I don’t live on the second floor. I actually live on the sixth. Bummer, I know.

I'm from Italy, but I live in Dublin because why the f*©k would you stay in a country with pleasant weather and great food? Anyway, I digress.

I'm a self-taught* web designer, university-taught software engineer, Webflow-taught-and-certified Webflow Expert and Professional Partner and, perhaps most importantly, certified Beautiful Pint of Guinness® pourer.

I mostly work by myself, but I have other great people around that sometimes help me. I get help from them when:

  1. I don’t know how to do something
    accessibility audits, logo design, hand-knitted dog sweaters...
  2. I don’t want to do something
    SEO audits and optimisation, running Ad campaigns, cleaning the mess I made after trying to make croissants for the first time...

Be generous. Help me support my partners’ businesses, give us more work.


Some say, my mum included, that I am a good teacher. As a pupil of myself I can confirm this is true.

A "Beautiful Guinness pint pourer" certificate.
Here's my certificate. It almost cost me more than my university degree. Dublin is EXPENSIVE.

What can you buy?

So, what does this all mean?

42? I don't know. How would I know? I’m not the Dalai Lama.

Why should you care about working with me?

I could tell you it is to get more customers, make you more money, more success, “more passion, more footwork”… but let’s face it: we both know we’re doing it for your ego. I want you to feel cared for, understood, and proud to share what you do with your friends, family, and with the people you truly love: your future customers. ❤️

A picture of a smiling man promoting sushi in an advert in Tokio.
This is a meaningless picture.

Wow this is a very wide screen... You must be a pro! Or, have a lot of money to spend. Either way, you have all it takes to be my client: drop me a email.

Sometimes I really wonder why people use ultra-wide screens. I mean, they look cool but do you really need all that space? Tell me why you bought one on WhatsApp.

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"That’s what she said" — Michael Scott.